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SUIVI kids tracking program is a public service. It is adapted for designated kid-friendly indoor public places, such as museums, galleries, libraries, etc. We would like to encourage our children to be more independent and allow the parents to feel more relaxed and confident to let their children play freely.


According to my survey, there will always be a contradiction between kids and their parents. Kids enjoy the free time to play, they never think they are exposed to many hazards; Parents want to take it easy, but they have to tag along with their kids and stay wide-awake against possible dangers. The biggest danger is losing our children. Therefore, keeping track of our children to ensure that they are safe is of the utmost importance to parents.


SUIVI wearables are offered in places that participate in this program. When entering the venue, kids could get free wristbands and connect it to their parent's phone by SUIVI. Parents get their kids’ location, altitude and moving direction and find their kids as soon as possible with the help of GPS positioning and AR technology. Meanwhile, the staff and security working in that area could also keep an eye on the kids with the help of SUIVI.


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Target Audience


SUIVI wristband will primarily target children ages 6 to 11, who are old enough to play by themselves and seldom have a cell phone or tracking device.



Track their kids in the public place especially the indoor area.


Moniter a group of students during the free playing time.

Public place staffs

Help reconnect children to their parents if they get lost.

Information Architecture


Highlight Features

Key Persona

Age: 51
Title: Mother of 2
Job Title: Restaurant owner/ Fashion Designer
Location: El Cerrito, CA

Wendi gives birth to her first child in her late 30’s. Now she has 2 sons (15yrs and 8 yrs). Wendi is busy with her own business and missionary work, but she is also concerned with building her happy family. She manages to find time for taking kids to the cinema, public park, and museums.

Needs an easy to read map to track her son.
She doesn’t want to rush around her son when she is tired outside.

Wendi's User Journey

Main Task

Proof of Concept

Landing Page

On-boarding Page

Sign In

Connect Wristband


Scan QR code

Input Kid's info

Entering Museum

Start Tracking

Main map page

Receive an alert

AR navigation

Key Persona

Age: 33
Title: Mother of 2
Job Title: Data Scientist
Location: El Cerrito, CA

Lan is a mother who has 2 kids (6 yrs daughter and 2 yrs son). She is keen on family activities. She and her husband take both their kids outdoors or take short distance trip every holiday. She is a member of most of the children’s museums and zoos in the bay area. And she signs up her daughter for many extra-curricular activities.

Needs a simple way to track her older daughter when taking care of her son.
Needs an easy-to-use app that could tell her daughter's location and moving direction in realtime.

Lan's User Journey

Main Task

Proof of Concept

Sign In

Joint Tracking Request

Receive an Alert

Building Map


Contact Husband

Choose Texting

Chat in SUIVI