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UX/UI Design

Sushisho is a specific app which helps diners easily get a table in a heavy-traffic sushi restaurant without waiting in the doorway. Unlike other similar apps, it focuses more on the specific demands of sushi diner and “izakaya experience” of die-hard fans.


There are many sushi lovers here in the US, that's why there are more and more sushi restaurants opened every year. However, some of the top-notch sushi places are very small and they don't take reservations on busy weekends; or you have to make the reservation about two weeks in advance to get a table. Most of the time the restaurant only follows ‘first come first served’ rule. People get fed up with waiting a long time outside a sushi restaurant.


Introducing Sushisho – a specific app which helps sushi diners virtually get in line at sushi restaurants. Customers could not only make reservation by the app, but also put their name on the waiting list by the app with no need to wait in the doorway. They could choose to get text notification or get Dinner Call before the table is ready. By the way, customer could also search the sushi restaurant by waiting time and waiting guest number.


Try Sushisho Invison Prototype



Target Audience

Sushisho mainly targets people who frequently go to sushi restaurants. It also supports all the sushi restaurant hosts by offering waiting list management system.

Restaurant Customer

Restaurant Host

Information Architecture

Here is the IA map for going to both interfaces of sushi restaurant: host and customer. I mainly focused on Sushisho customer interface since there are already many successful and widely used waiting list management systems in the market. Sushisho restaurant host interface is still in progress.


Key persona


Age: 25
Job: Software Engineer
Location:San Jose

Asato is a third generation Japanese-American. He used to eat Japanese food because his grandmother always cooks for him since his childhood. After his grandmother passed away, he took his grandfather to Japanese restaurants once in a while. He also likes to hang out with his friends or colleagues in izakaya to enjoy sushi and sake.

Asato's Task

Request a table in Akikos's restaurant and Sushi bar in 2 different ways:

  • 1. Request a table in Akiko's tonight by searching it's name

  • 2. Find Akiko's on the map and make reservation in Akiko's with a week

Task Flow

First Version Mockup

User Testing

Test Goals

The goal of the test is trying to improve the usability of the product, to help sushi diners easily request a table (make a reservation or get in line to the designated sushi restaurant) and finally attract potential users.

Test Participants

18 People joined in this user test. They are my friends, classmates and family who also like to eat japanese food and sushi as the protential users.

Test Enviroment

Interactive prototype made by invision

First Prototype Link


Test Result

Key Problems

Final Design


Home Page

Restaurant Page

Rquesting Page

Comformation Page


Line-up Page

Last Call



Some other functions of Sushisho could be developed to fulfill this app.

Remote Order. The customer could book through the app so that the waiter no longer has to stand idly by waiting for customer’s order, and patrons don’t have to wait for waiters to take down orders.

Pay with the app. The check is billed to your card on file after the meal, including your preferred tip. And SushiSho makes it easy to split the check.

Sushisho waiting list management system. The host could use the app to take reservations or remind the guest who is the next; take orders, and get to know the customer’s tastes by checking reviews in order to propel the eatery toward the future.