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A passionate designer and an experience innovator constantly in motion, learning and trying new things. Pixel perfection is my mindset since I am obsessive about details. I am a self-starter able to begin projects and see them through to completion. I also enjoy teamwork because I value communication and collaboration.



Branding & Web Design

The unique and appealing ideas that distinguish from the competitors in Austin are to overturn the preconceived notions that tea is for old people. Just like the name of the tea bar and the company - REBEL - my goal is to promote a new tea drinking philosophy which will appeal to a younger audience and convince them that tea drinking can be stylish and fun.

Design Orientation

Rebel tea bar and website appeal to a hip market of new tea drinkers. Get them out of the Starbucks and into tea bar. Rebel will elevate younger spirits with tea by tea cocktails, chic light bulb milk tea, and food cooking with tea. It may come off as modern and groovy, but it will never be boring and old-fashioned.

Target Audience

21-45 women and men in Austin,TX

Mainly targets on young professionals or affluent people, living in the city, who yearn for healthy lifestyle. We also want to allure the suit-wearing hipster group, yuppy-wanna-be, and the artsy youth.

Logo Design

After doing research and confirming the potential customer of the tea bar, my first step was logo design as required.

Logo Exploration

Final Logo

Logo Mockups

Website Branding

Since the name of the tea bar is REBEL, users prefer to see more saturated color in order to abandon the stereotypes of tea drinking experience. I offerd 2 options of the color palette, the red and white one is more prominet to testers.




Watch the proof of concept video by clicking:



Design Highlights

I decided to create an interactive homepage with spot color location to show the food and drink in order to captivate attention and generate traffic to the website. The ultimate aim is to get more young and fashionable customers into the bar.

Other Webpages

Event Page

Online Shop

Location Page