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Web app development

A pet tracking application enable users to record their pets movements and update their pets' information whenever and wherever they are. It is made with jQuery mobile, and it works on the mobile and all the other platforms.

Design Orientation

Petrac is an app that helps pet owners to track their dogs and cats while they are walking or playing outside. With the help of GPS and mobile application, users can track their pets and record their movement. This app can help us understand our pets' movement within the local area while also checking the pets’ activity history. This automatically-updated information will also let owners know more details of their pets’ growth.


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Main Features

To track your pet, first you are required to add your pet's profile when you open Petrac. Add as many pets as you like. The app will connect to a wearable collar on your pet. Petrac's home map will show all your pets’ current location if you ever need to find them.

Open each pet’s page to see its information and check its movement history. If you take the pet outside without its tracking wearables, you could still manually add the pet’s position in order to check the pets movement.

Interface Design

Landing Page


Manage Pet

Pop-up Menu Bar

Account Information

Pet Information


Petrac is a web app, which means pet owner could check the system wherever they have an internet connection.